Achieving “Financial Freedom” in Germany is more complicated than in the US!

Mr. Financial Freedom

Hi! I am Daniel (28) and I recently started my journey towards financial freedom. After following hundreds of blogs, reading countless books, listening to several podcasts, I’ve decided to try being financially independent here in Germany.

The goal of my journey is to have enough money available every month to cover my expenses without the need to go to work every day.
The idea is to retire early by doing diverse investments in different areas.

My current areas are:
1. Dividend Stocks: I am investing in stocks which will pay dividends regularly. Check out my stock portfolio.
2. Real Estate: I’ve started to invest in crowdfunding platforms which will pay interests. Check out my real estate portfolio.

My Goals

I’ve created a 4 step plan. These 4 goals I want to achieve over the next years which helps me to track my progress in a good way.

1. Earn a passive income of 1000€: My first goal is to earn the amount of money in passive income which will cover my current rent.

2. Earn a passive income of 1700€: The next step will be to increase my monthly income by 700€ which will cover a big part of my fixed costs (e.g. electricity or internet)

3. Earn a passive income of 2500€: With a jump of 800 Euro I could also cover groceries and other needs.

4. Earn a passive income of 3000€: My final goal is to achieve a monthly income of 3000€. This would cover my current lifestyle easily and will be even better.

There are many more steps I could go for. But I want to be realistic. If I can achieve these 4 steps, I feel financial independent!
To achieve my financial freedom, I am currently employed as a Computer Engineer trying to increase my investment and savings rate and decrease my expenses every month.

My idea is to share my opinions and experiences about my way to financial freedom. Some strategies and tools are not applicable in Germany but only in the United States, which makes it more complicated.

Start Here

I am a big fan of books about finance and productivity, which try to bring you forward in life. The statement “A good book can change your life forever”, is a great example of what I have experienced in 2017. I found a book in a second hand book store called “I Will Teach You To Be Rich” by Ramit Sethi. It changed my money mindset forever.

I am trying to read one financial book per month and in my blog I want to show you the list of my favorites. See my favored books on my Stuff-I-Love page.

If you want to learn more about dividend investing, read my article A Beginner‘s Guide To Build Your Dividend Portfolio!

You are searching for passive income ideas? Here are 5 Ideas How To Earn Passive Income in Germany!


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Mr. Financial Freedom

Mr. Financial Freedom was created by Daniel (20-something) who got inspired by many very popular money blogs. Daniel is from Germany and currently employed as a Computer Engineer and started 2 year ago the road towards financial freedom. His goal is to reach financial freedom with a 4 step plan. Check the "About" page for more information.

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